How to pick your next phone: factors to consider in 2023

How to pick your next phone: factors to consider in 2023

Splurging on a new phone this year? It’s easy to get lost in the technical jargon, or fall in love with the sleek design. When you’re buying a new phone, you should check its features: here are some factors to consider.

Operating system

Operating System: The two main operating systems on the market are Android and iOS. Consider which operating system you are most familiar with and what kind of app selection is important to you.

Phone display

Display: Look for a phone with a high-resolution display and a large screen size. Consider the type of display technology used (e.g. OLED, IPS, etc.) and the screen’s refresh rate.


If you’re interested in photography, look for a phone with a high-quality camera and a variety of camera features such as multiple lenses, optical zoom, and image stabilisation. In 2023, Google Pixel 7 Pro’s cameras take first place with the 50MP sensor, 5x optical zoom and ultrawide cameras (48 MP back, 12MP front). iPhone 14 Pro is also remarkable with its excellent portrait mode and superb video quality.


A phone’s processor, also known as the CPU, affects its overall performance and ability to run demanding applications. Look for a phone with a high-performance processor. In 2023, Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max has the best processor on the market, followed by the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Battery life

Check the facts: how long does the phone’s battery last? Does it support fast charging and contactless technology? Here are some models that scored high in technical tests: Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro; iPhone 14 Pro Max; Moto G Power (2022); OnePlus Nord N300; Asus Zenfone 9; Nubia RedMagic 6S Pro. The winner can last over 15 hours! However, if other features are more important you might consider buying a model with not-so-impressive battery life, and getting a power bank.


Look for a phone with enough storage space to store your photos, videos, and other files. How to know how much you need? Check how much storage your old phone had, and how many GBs have you used. Consider whether you need a phone with expandable storage via a microSD card, or a cloud subscription (like iCloud).

Your budget

Finally, consider your budget and whether you are willing to pay more for additional features and better performance. You can check if you can get a better phone with your mobile plan – paying monthly.

Ultimately, the best phone for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences: is camera more important to you? Or the budget? Think how you use our phone and use this as a guide.

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